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Moisten face and massage all over, avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash and pat dry. For best results, also use Purifying Neem Scrub and Purifying Neem Mask. This soap-free face wash has been specially designed to cleanse impurities and restore the natural balances. Containing plant extracts of neem, lemon peel, tulsi and aloe vera juice, it soothes and protects the skin, providing essential, moisture. Leaves the skin fresh, soft and bright, with a healthy glow. Oceania Medical single use eye wash for workplaces and homes. Medical Kits. Recreational Yachting; Commercial- New Zealand Flag; Commercial- Foreign Flag; Superyachts; Oxygen Kits; Kit Upgrades; Medical Equipment. Bleeding / Haemorrhaging; Defibrillators; Eye Wash Kits; Immobilisation; Stretchers; Marine Medical Books; Oil Spill Solutions; Fire; Medical Training. Coastal & Race Medic First Aid Training. Wall Mounted Eye & Face Wash unit Floor Mounted Eye & Face Wash unit Emergency Eye Wash Kit Portable Combination Shower with Eye & Face wash Standing between you and harm. Car Park & Traffic Management Speed Calmers Wheel Stops / Wheel Chocks Steel Bollards Flexible Bollards & Lane Dividers Traffic & Cycle Lane Separators Corner & Edge Protection Line Marking System & Stencils.

NEW ZEALAND 0800 133 226 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Model No: SETESTKIT PRATT SHOWER & EYE WASH TEST KIT 5. Cleaning or Replacing of Eye Wash Aerators: a. If the aerators are damaged or blocked this will affect the water flow. The aerator set can be removed and either cleaned or replaced with a new aerator set. b. We stock the largest range of safety showers, eye wash stations and portable eyewashes in New Zealand. All Dalton International plumbed showers are made from PVC or stainless steel for a long service life and are manufactured to comply with A4775 and ANSI Z358.1 for emergency eyewash and shower equipment. Eye Wash Kits are low cost investments that make an important difference in the event of an eye injury. Wall-mounted and unobtrusive, these Eye Wash Stations feature two single-use 16 oz bottles of eye wash. Eye wash caps are tamper-resistant but can easily be removed in an emergency. Eye wash removes irritation, burning, and discomfort and.

Check your kits at least once every 6 months and replace expired and used products. Consider taking a first-aid course. You can buy our already pre-packed first-aid kits or assemble your own. You may want to tailor your kit based on your activities and needs. We retain a large stock of required items for replenishing first aid kits. Registration. As a guest to the NZ Beekeepers website, you can only see the public information we publish and you can't yet participate. Become a website member free and you can join in and participate with the discussion or ask any questions. Keep your first aid kit topped up so you always have what you need to face first aid emergencies with confidence. Choose from our extensive range of individual first aid products to complement or replenish items in your first aid kit. Complete refill kits are also available.

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